Don’t Settle for Safe

Friends, if you’re a follower of Jesus, your life is filled with purpose and potential and God has good things in mind for you. Don’t allow struggles to drive you into a corner of safe and comfortable—you were made for more! That’s the theme of the message I shared at Bayshore this past Sunday, may it encourage and speak to you! Video of the message “Don’t Settle for Safe” is linked below:



A Word of Encouragement for Those in Distress

Often times, when a person is in crisis and deeply distressed there is a tendency to feel ashamed of the struggle – especially for people of faith. An inability to “get over it” in a hurry is reason for many Christians (and Christian leaders) to begin crumbling under the weight of secret feelings of inadequacy and unsuitability; that one’s spirituality or inward strength is somehow proven to be a failure because the struggle has become so overwhelming. It’s no wonder. We live in a world that glorifies only the unbreakable and always-happy and successful person. Sadly, this has invaded much of popular Christian thought in our day.

But then there is the almost shocking contrast of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. The Son of God, in agony and distress, overwhelmed “to the point of death.” Witnessing again the “pioneer and perfecter of our faith” in emotional and spiritual turmoil allows us to believe more fully that God graciously accepts his servants who likewise cannot remain fully composed in times of great distress. Be encouraged today. The Savior knows about your struggle and has been in that place of weakness. He doesn’t reject you on account of it, and there is healing available in his loving presence.

Painting: “Gethsemane,” by Adam Abram