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There are five primary areas that I emphasize in my speaking ministry.With extensive experience as a pastor, speaker, and teacher, I’m able to provide an inspiring talk on these and other topics in a format that encourages people to make fresh commitments or be receptive to God’s moving in an atmosphere of openness to the presence of the Holy Spirit.

  1. Dynamic Preaching and Teaching—When asked to bring ministry on a topic of my own choosing, I often sense specific direction for messages and consider this prophetic edge an important mark of the ministry the Lord has given me in sharing from his Word when I am with churches and groups. I shape my messages to make the truths of Scripture and principles of the faith interesting and memorable, often through vivid illustrations or personal life story, and I infuse them with the passion God gives me as they have taken root in my life.
  2. Calling and Purpose—how regular people in everyday circumstances have a great calling and purpose in Christ, to know him and be used by him in unique and powerful ways in their everyday world. I follow these messages with a brief but effective ministry response time when I ask attendees to respond to the Lord in personal ways.
  3. Apologetics—Apologetics is one of the courses I teach at Elim Bible Institute and College. I feel passionate about helping Christians understand the mind of a skeptic, find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions and offer sensitive but effective answers that can help people move toward faith.
  4. Gifts and Power of the Holy Spirit—My Christian faith (and my whole life!) was dramatically impacted and transformed through encounters with the Holy Spirit as well as the operation of the gifts of the Spirit, especially the gift of prophecy. Through a relatable approach of personal story as well as sensitive, practical teaching, I seek to encourage leaders and congregations to go deeper in the things of the Spirit and cultivate greater openness to God’s fullness in their lives.
  5. Personal Transition Seasons—I made this a special focus for my Doctor of Ministry dissertation which led me into in-depth research on the topic as well as real-life ministry with people who were experiencing a difficult transition season. I enjoy speaking about maximizing the potential of transition and reframing such seasons from an unwanted time of confusion into a rare and potentially life-changing opportunity for re-creation and personal renewal.



During my doctoral studies, I began developing a renewal ministry for Christian leaders involving confidential Leader Care consultations, and spiritual retreats. I offer personal and professional growth consultations to leaders, and I am available to plan, lead, or speak at Renewal Retreats where leaders can get away for a couple of days to rest, reflect, connect with God, and receive teachings and spiritual direction.

  • Specialize in transition seasons in the life of a leader
  • Freewill offering basis, no set fee



Dr. Nathan Sanders is a seasoned pastor and Christian leader currently serving as a full-time Faculty member and Resident Life Director at Elim Bible Institute and College. He has been active in Christian ministry since 1993 including roles as a student ministry leader, inner-city outreach coordinator, conference speaker, associate pastor, teacher, and nearly 8 years as a senior pastor. Dr. Sanders’ ministry and message flow from a pastor’s heart and are marked by a passion for evangelism and the Holy Spirit-filled life. He earned a Ministry Diploma from Elim Bible Institute in 1996, a Master of Arts in Practical Theology from Regent University in 2001, and a Doctor of Ministry from Northeastern Seminary in 2016. He lives in Lima, NY with his wife and four growing children.

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