About Nathan

I’m a very regular guy whose heart has been taken by the love and grace of God. I have received far more than I deserve or could ever give back in this life. I am married to the most amazing woman I have ever known who in so many ways shows me what a Jesus-centered life looks like. We’ve received four incredible gifts from heaven and they’re all teenagers now, and we’re proud of them! In recent years I have been on staff at Elim Bible Institute and College, teaching Bible and ministry courses and providing pastoral care for students alongside my wife Emily. As of the Fall of 2019 I switched to teaching part-time so I could return to investing more of my life in local church ministry. In my free time, I enjoy being outside, going to the gym, and gardening. I also like eating foreign foods! One of my greatest hopes is that I will be listed among my children’s heroes.


Dr. Nathan Sanders is a seasoned pastor and Christian leader currently serving as a Teaching Pastor at Elim Gospel Church, and as a part-time Faculty member at Elim Bible Institute and College. He has been active in Christian ministry since 1993 including roles as a student ministry leader, inner-city outreach coordinator, conference speaker, associate pastor, teacher, and nearly 8 years as a senior pastor. Dr. Sanders’ ministry and message flow from a pastor’s heart and are marked by a passion for evangelism and the Holy Spirit-filled life. He earned a Ministry Diploma from Elim Bible Institute in 1996, a Master of Arts in Practical Theology from Regent University in 2001, and a Doctor of Ministry from Northeastern Seminary in 2016. He lives in Lima, NY with his wife and four growing children.

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