About Nathan

I’m a regular guy whose heart has been taken by the love and grace of God. I have received far more than I deserve or could ever give back in this life. I am married to the most amazing woman I have ever known who in so many ways shows me what a Jesus-centered life looks like. Together we’ve been blessed with four incredible gifts from heaven (our children!), and we’re proud of them! I currently serve as Pastor of the Henrietta campus (Rochester, NY area) of Elim Gospel Church, and I’m also teaching at Elim Bible Institute and College where I currently serve as full-time Faculty and Program Chair. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, going to the gym, and gardening. One of my greatest hopes is that I will be listed among my children’s heroes.


Dr. Nathan Sanders is a seasoned pastor and Christian leader currently serving as Pastor of the Henrietta campus of Elim Gospel Church, and as a Faculty member and Program Chair at Elim Bible Institute and College. He has been active in Christian ministry since 1993 including roles as a student ministry leader, inner-city outreach coordinator, conference speaker, associate pastor, Bible teacher, teaching pastor, and nearly 8 years as a senior pastor. Dr. Sanders’ ministry and message flow from a pastor’s heart and are marked by a passion for evangelism and the Holy Spirit-filled life. He earned a Ministry Diploma from Elim Bible Institute in 1996, a Master of Arts in Practical Theology from Regent University in 2001, and a Doctor of Ministry from Northeastern Seminary in 2016. He lives in Lima, NY with his wife and four growing children.

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